Compatibility between EIZO RadiForce Monitors and Hewlett-Packard HP Z230

[ Items of validation ]

  • Display BIOS image correctly
  • Install VGA driver correctly
  • The graphics boards are recognized correctly after installing of VGA driver
  • Display correctly the image with the recognized resolution
  • Plug & Play works correctly
  • Display the TG-18QC pattern of the RadiCS correctly
  • The calibration function of the RadiCS works correctly
  • The function of "Standby", "Sleep" and "Shut down" work correctly

This information is provided based on our in-house testings and we do not guarantee the compatibility in respective user environments and it may vary from one of the manufacturers of the graphics boards.



PC HP Z230 *1
OS Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Graphics board Slot1
(PCI-Express x 16)

Quadro K600

Quadro 410


Intel HD Graphics
Driver Ver.320.78 Ver.320.78 Ver.320.78 Ver.
Slot2 (PCI) - - NVS315 -
Driver - - Ver.320.78 -
5MP mono GX540 Yes Yes Yes Yes
3MP mono GX340 Yes Yes Yes Yes
GS320 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2MP mono GX240 Yes Yes Yes Yes
GS220 Yes Yes Yes Yes
8MP color RX850 Yes Yes Yes *4 Yes *5 *6
RX840 Yes Yes Yes *4 Yes *5
6MP color RX650 Yes *3 Yes *3 Yes *4 Yes *5
4MP color RX440 Yes Yes Yes Yes
RX430 Yes Yes Yes Yes
3MP color RX340 Yes Yes Yes Yes
RX320 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2MP color RX240 Yes Yes Yes Yes
1MP color RS110 Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.7MP color MX270W Yes Yes Yes Yes
2.3MP color MX241W Yes Yes Yes Yes
2MP color MX215 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MX210 Yes Yes Yes Yes
1MP color MX191 Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. *1The specifications of the work station of which we tested compatibility are as follows.
    (CPU Intel® Xeon E3-1225V3 processor(3.2GHz)/ Memory 8GB / HDD 500GB+64GB_Cash_SSD / Driver DVD-ROM ) BIOS Ver.1.02
  2. *2Once you enable Mosaic (stretch mode), you can disable it only by uninstalling NVIDIA driver.
  3. *3Please see "Procedure for Mosaic with RX650".
    *4Hook up both input terminals of the monitor via DVI.
    *5Two signals do not syncronize and their boarder may appear. Please see "Problem about vertical sync of the two signals".
    *6Power save function for the monitor may not work with DP connection.


Procedure for Mosaic with RX650

With RX650, Mosaic chooses 1920x1080 in mistake and you cannot read any letters due to wrong scaling.

Procedure for Mosaic with RX650


Select the second top resolution to display images with the native resolution.
(Please note that you have to select it with wrong imaging.)

Procedure for Mosaic with RX650


Problem about vertical sync of two signals

In the case that the timing of vertical sync of the two signals isn't the same,
incorrect images may occur at the horizontal center like the following figure.

Procedure for Mosaic with RX650