Products for all ATC environments. EIZO is dedicated to making products that deliverer reliable  operation for the safe and efficient movement of air traffic.


See how EIZO's visual display solutions for ATC are used in airport towers and control centers.

ATC solutions

Primary Control Monitors

EIZO's 2K × 2K and 4K × 2K primary control monitors offer air traffic controllers exceptional image quality with direct LED backlights for brightness uniformity and extensive customizability to meet the requirements of any installation.  With mission-critical redundancy, industrial-grade housing, and 100% in-house development and manufacturing, these monitors offer the optimal reliability demanded in ATC.

Langen Control Center, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

ATC Video Recording and Streaming Solutions

The Re/Vue Series of video recording and streaming solutions features industry-leading lossless compression of up to 30,000:1 and redundant components, providing accuracy and dependability for ATC, training & simulation, and command & control (C2) environments. Single-channel and dual-channel solutions are offered for resolutions of up to 2K x 2K and 4K x 2K.

EIZO also offers an H.264 encoding and streaming solution that supports resolutions of 1920 x 1200 from digital and analog sources. It provides video encoding and streaming to connected monitors with mission-critical redundancy as well as seamless integration into existing systems, making it ideal for ATC and C2 environments. 

Brno-Tur(any Airport Tower Control, ATC CR, s.p., Czech Republic

High-Bright Tower Monitors

Tower monitors provide excellent readability of text and images in varying ambient lighting conditions, making them ideal for tower applications. For convenient installation into any tower environment, both panel mount and VESA mount versions are available.

Ramp Tower for Ground Movement Control (GMC), John F. Kennedy International Airport

Auxiliary Monitors

EIZO's comprehensive lineup of auxiliary and touch screen monitors ensure that control centers, towers, and other facilities are equipped with a wide range of monitor sizes and feature sets.

They are available in both square (5:4 and 4:3 aspect ratios) and widescreen (16:10 and 16:9 aspect ratios) formats and in a variety of screen sizes. They also have ergonomic and energy-saving features for improving workflow and reducing power consumption. Touch panel models are also available for environments where a touchscreen interface is required.

Primary Control Graphics Boards

The 4th generation Raptor Series of high-resolution graphics boards and associated drivers are developed in-house for ATC, military, and command & control applications. They support legacy UNIX and Linux platforms and applications that require the use of overlays. With multi-resolution support, high configurability, and reliability with an innovative passive heatsink cooling system, these graphics boards meet the specifications required for any mission-critical environment.

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