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May 20 EIZO's Re/Vue Recording Solution Improves Efficiency in Training & Simulation at Airservices Australia Re/Vue Mini -
April 23 EIZO ColorEdge CG318-4K Wins NewBay Media's Best of Show Award at NAB 2015 - -
April 14 EIZO Provides Over 1200 Touch Panel Monitors to the FAA for the ERIDS Program - -
April 9 EIZO Integrates IMAGICA's 3D LUT Data into 4K Monitors for Working with Rec. 2020 Content - -
April 2 EIZO Announces 46-inch Full HD Monitor for ECDIS, Radar, and Conning Applications - Download
March 17 EIZO Announces 4K UHD Monitor with 185 PPI for Photography, Print, and Video ColorEdge CG248-4K Download
March 12 EIZO's Longstanding Eye-Care Technologies Pivotal in Its Monitors Acquiring Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light Content Certification - -
February 27 EIZO RadiForce and Medical Imaging Solutions at the 2015 European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria - -
February 25 EIZO Improves Clarity of Medical Images with Unique Anti-Reflection Coating for Multi-Modality Monitors RadiForce RX850-AR
RadiForce RX650-AR
February 4 Survey: 79% of Radiologists Recommend EIZO RadiForce RX850 for the Multi-Modality Workflow - -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 10 EIZO's RadiCS Monitor Quality Control Software Upholds Efficiency with Latest DIN Standard Compliance RadiCS Version 4.3.3 Download
December 9 EIZO Introduces 4K × 2K Monitor for Streamlining Image Display in Air Traffic Control Centers Raptor RP5824 Download
November 28 EIZO Releases 24" Clinical Review Monitor with LED Backlight for Low Power Consumption and Long Life RadiForce MX242W Download
November 18 EIZO Announces Self-Calibrating DCI 4K Monitor for Media & Entertainment ColorEdge CG318-4K Download
November 18 EIZO Introduces Monitor That's "Wide All Around" with 1920 × 1920 Resolution FlexScan EV2730Q Download
November 18 EIZO to Showcase Innovative and Reliable Line of Medical Monitors at RSNA 2014 - -
November 11 EIZO Releases Six Highly Durable Monitors in Multiple Mounting Configurations for Industrial Environments DuraVision FDX1501-A
DuraVision FDX1501T-A
DuraVision FDX1203
DuraVision FDX1203T
DuraVision FDX1003
DuraVision FDX1003T
November 5 EIZO Introducing New Brand for Operating Room Solutions at MEDICA 2014 - -
October 30 EIZO Medical Business in Full-Throttle with Video Management Solutions for Operating Rooms CuratOR Download
October 30 EIZO Releases Modular 27" Monitor for Displaying Medical Images in Operating Room Environments RadiForce EX270W Download
October 29 EIZO Broadens IP Camera Compatibility of DuraVision FDF2304W-IP Security and Surveillance Monitor with ONVIF Support DuraVision FDF2304W-IP Download
October 15 Light Illusion and EIZO further extend their partnership with two dedicated versions of LightSpace CMS ColorEdge Monitors -
September 18 EIZO Releases 23" Full HD Monitor with Visibility-Enhancing Technology for Security and Surveillance DuraVision FDF2305W Download
September 17 EIZO Releases Next-Generation ATC Recording and Streaming Solution with Mission-Critical Redundancy Re/Vue Mini 2 Download
September 9 EIZO Releases FlexScan IPS Monitors with Ultra-Slim Frame Design for Business Environments FlexScan EV2455
FlexScan EV2450
September 2 EIZO Announces 24.1" Cost-Performance ColorEdge Monitor with Adobe RGB Coverage ColorEdge CS240 Download
August 20 EIZO Expands Line of ECDIS / RADAR Monitors for Maritime with Release of New 19" and 26" Models DuraVision FDU2603W
DuraVision FDU2603WT
DuraVision FDS1904
DuraVision FDS1904T
July 31 EIZO Releases New Flagship Product to FlexScan Series with 31.5" Ultra-HD 4K IPS Monitor FlexScan EV3237 Download
July 7 Update information concerning the legal conflict between EIZO and S-CAPE GmbH - -
June 12 EIZO Introduces FORIS FS2434 Gaming Monitor with 6 mm Ultra-Slim Frame FORIS FS2434 Download
May 21 Statement concerning the legal conflict between EIZO and S-CAPE GmbH - -
May 16 EIZO Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for RadiForce RX850 Monitor in Mammography and General Radiography RadiForce RX850 Download
May 16 EIZO Expands FDA 510(k)-Cleared Large Monitor System with 8MP RadiForce LS580W Monitor and LMM0802 Large Monitor Manager RadiForce LS580W
April 23 EIZO Releases 19" Square Monitor with IPS Panel for Offices and Control Rooms FlexScan S1933 Download
April 3 EIZO Announces Cloud-Based Monitor Color Management Solution and New 24.1" ColorEdge Monitors ColorEdge CG247
ColorEdge CX241
ColorNavigator NX
ColorNavigator Network
March 13 EIZO Releases 12.1" Durable, High-Brightness Monitors with 800 × 600 Resolution Panel for Industrial Workstation Terminals DuraVision FDSV1201
DuraVision FDSV1201T
March 12 EIZO Releases 58" Monitor for Streamlining Medical Image Display in Operating Rooms RadiForce LS580W Download
February 28 Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry Joins EIZO Ambassador Program ColorEdge monitors -
February 26 EIZO Updates Its Flagship ColorEdge Monitors with New 27" Models ColorEdge CG277
ColorEdge CX271
February 25 EIZO Releases 23" IP Monitor with PC-Less Connection to Multiple Cameras for Security and Surveillance DuraVision FDF2304W-IP Download
February 21 EIZO Releases the Re/Vue Mini Duo Synchronous Recording and Streaming Solution for 8MP or Dual-4MP Monitors Re/Vue Mini Duo Download
February 12 EIZO at the European Congress of Radiology 2014 in Vienna, Austria - -
February 12 Hasselblad and EIZO Collaborate to Equip Imaging Software with Monitor Self-Calibration Capability ColorEdge monitors -
February 5 EIZO Announces its Collaboration with SpectraCal to Provide Calibration and Direct-Load 3D LUT Support on ColorEdge Monitors ColorEdge Monitors -
January 20 EIZO Releases 17" Durable Touch Panel Monitor for Factories, Clean Rooms, and Public Access Areas DuraVision FDS1721T Download
January 16 EIZO Announces 17" Multitouch Monitor for Businesses, Libraries, and Hospitals FlexScan T1781 Download
January 8 EIZO Releases 25.5" Panel Mount Marine Monitors with Optional Optical Bonding for ECDIS / RADAR Applications DuraVision FDU2602W
DuraVision FDU2602WT
January 8 EIZO Announces In-House Production of Optical Bonding for Specialty Markets DuraVision FDU2602W
DuraVision FDU2602WT




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 10 EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre Selects Latest EIZO 2K × 2K Monitors for Simulation Rooms Raptor SQ2804 -
December 2 EIZO to Expand Growth in Southeast Asia with Appointment of Arcadia as New Distributor - -
November 27 EIZO Releases 31.1" Super High Resolution 8 Megapixel Monitor for Multi-Modality Environments RadiForce RX850 Download
November 25 EIZO at RSNA 2013: The Year of the Multi-Modality Monitor - -
November 20 EIZO Releases Re/Vue Lite Encoding and Streaming Device with Mission Critical Redundancy for ATC/C2 Markets Re/Vue Lite Download
November 19 EIZO Supplies 2K × 2K Monitors to DFS at Langen, Munich, and Bremen ATC Centers Raptor SQ2804 -
November 18 EIZO Releases 30-inch 6 Megapixel Monitor for Multi-Modality Applications RadiForce RX650 Download
November 7 EIZO at Medica 2013: Image reproduction solutions for operating theatres - -
October 30 EIZO Releases World's First 240 Hz Monitor for Gaming FORIS FG2421 Download
October 23 EIZO and Magnum Photos Announce Global Collaboration with Establishment of Ambassador Program ColorEdge Series -
October 7 EIZO and Stryker Announce Partnership in Integrated Large Monitor Management Systems for Operating Rooms - -
August 29 EIZO Releases 23.5" Full-HD Monitor with 240 Hz High Refresh Rate for Satellite Images FDF2405W Download
August 29 EIZO Releases 2 Megapixel Monitor with Effortless Quality Control for Clinical Review RadiForce MX215 Download
July 26 EIZO Releases 15" LCD Monitor with LED Backlight and 5-Year Warranty FlexScan S1503 Download
July 18 EIZO Releases 21" and 19" Square Monitors with LED Backlights FlexScan S2133
FlexScan S1923
FlexScan S1903
June 6 EIZO Releases 19" LCD Monitor for Security and Surveillance DuraVision FDS1903 Download
May 31 EIZO Releases Free Application for Accurately Displaying Medical Images on the iPad RadiCS Mobile Download
May 22 EIZO Releases 23" Multitouch IPS Monitor Optimized for Comfort and Durability FlexScan T2381W Download
May 22 EIZO Releases 22-Inch Flicker-Free Monitor for Back Offices and Control Rooms FlexScan EV2216W Download
April 24 EIZO Releases 23" Full HD Monitor with Visibility-Enhancing Technology for Security and Surveillance DuraVision FDF2303W Download
April 4 EIZO ColorEdge CG276 to Offer Input Support for 4K x 2K ColorEdge CG276 -
April 2 EIZO Releases 17" LCD Network Monitors with LAN Connection to Remote PCs DuraVision FDS1702N
DuraVision FDS1702NT
March 7 EIZO Releases 23" Full HD Monitor with 120 Hz Refresh Rate for Security and Surveillance DuraVision DV2324-008 Download
March 4 EIZO Releases 23" Multitouch Monitor for Clinical Review RadiForce MS235WT Download
February 14 EIZO Releases 17" LCD Monitor for Security and Surveillance DuraVision FDS1703 Download
February 14 EIZO will be showing its state-of-the-art medical monitor solutions at ECR 2013 - -
January 31 EIZO NANAO CORPORATION Announces Change to Group Companies Names - -
January 29 EIZO Releases 2K x 2K Monitor with Compact Design and eBlue LED Backlight Technology for ATC Environments Raptor SQ2814 -
January 15 EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre Now Equipped With EIZO 2K x 2K Monitors Raptor SQ2802 -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
November 29 EIZO Releases 2K x 2K Monitor with Versatile Design and eBlue LED Backlight Technology for ATC Environments Raptor SQ2804 Download
November 22 EIZO Simplifies Color Matching for Hobbyist Photographers with ColorNavigator Elements Software - -
November 22 EIZO will be showing its state-of-the-art medical monitor solutions at RSNA 2012 - -
November 21 EIZO RadiCS Monitor Quality Control Software Now Supports Mac OS RadiCS Version 4.1.4 Download
November 14 EIZO Completes All-LED Backlight Line-Up of Diagnostic Monitors RadiForce GX540
RadiForce RX440
November 14 EIZO Introduces Industry First Multi-Modality Color Monitor with FDA 510(k) Clearance for Mammography RadiForce RX840-MG Download
November 14 17" Monitor with LED Backlight Saves Energy and Reduces Eye Fatigue FlexScan S1703 Download
October 9 EIZO Announces a New 29.8-inch Monitor for Use in Examination and Operating Rooms RadiForce LX300W Download
October 9 EIZO Presents a New Monitor Manager for the Operating Room LMM0804 Download
September 24 EIZO Joins United Nations Global Compact - -
September 11 EIZO among Manufacturers with First Monitors to Fulfill Criteria for TCO Certified Displays 6.0 - -
September 10 EIZO Helps Businesses Go Green at a Low TCO with New Lineup of FlexScan EcoView Monitors FlexScan EV2736W
FlexScan EV2436W
FlexScan EV2416W
FlexScan EV2336W
FlexScan EV2316W
August 28 EIZO Releases Network LCD Monitors with LAN Connection to Remote PCs DuraVision FDX1502N
DuraVision FDX1502NT
August 1 EIZO Supplies HungaroControl with 2K x 2K and Auxiliary Monitors for New Air Traffic Control Center - -
August 1 EIZO Announces Re/Vue Mini Upgrade with Support for Higher Resolution Recording and Compression - -
July 31 EIZO Announces New Lineup of ColorEdge Monitors for Graphics Users of All Levels ColorEdge CG276
ColorEdge CX270
ColorEdge CG246
ColorEdge CX240
ColorEdge CS230
June 12 EIZO Brings Competitive Advantage to Gamers with 23" FORIS FS2333 LED-Backlit Monitor FORIS FS2333 Download
May 15 EIZO NANAO CORPORATION Announces Company Name Change to "EIZO Corporation" - -
April 4 DFS Selects New EIZO 2K x 2K Monitor for Bremen and Langen Air Traffic Control Centers - -
April 2 EIZO Network QC Management Software Goes Mobile - Download
February 28 EIZO Releases 2K x 2K Monitor for Air Traffic Control with Energy-Saving eBlue LED Backlight Technology Raptor SQ2802 Download
February 28 EIZO Announces Re/Vue Mini - a Compact Recording Solution for Air Traffic Control and Defense Markets Re/Vue Mini Download




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
November 24 EIZO Enters Marine Industry with 21.3" Monitors DuraVision FDU2101
DuraVision FDU2101T
November 21 EIZO to Start Quality Control Management Server Hosting RadiNET Pro Web Hosting Download
November 7 EIZO SMD 19102 DL Monitor Reduces Radiation Exposure from Legacy Radiography Systems SMD19102 DL Download
November 2 EIZO Announces New Sales and Marketing Subsidiaries in Europe - -
October 24 New EIZO Large Monitor Manager Enables Easy Transition to Large-Screen Applications LMM0802 Download
September 27 EIZO Presents a New Widescreen Monitor for the Operating Room RadiForce LX600W Download
September 26 EIZO Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance from US FDA for 8MP RadiForce LS560W with LMM56800 Large Monitor Manager RadiForce LS560W
September 6 EIZO Helps Businesses Go Green with LED-Backlit 23" Monitors FlexScan EV2335W
FlexScan EV2315W
September 1 EIZO Adds Four Diagnostic Monitors with Environmentally-Friendly LED Backlight and Multifunctional Sensors RadiForce GX340
RadiForce RX340
RadiForce GX240
RadiForce RX240
July 28 EIZO Releases New Version of Monitor Quality Control Software with Improved User-Interface and Enhanced Operability RadiCS Version 4
RadiNETPro Version 4
July 1 EIZO Introduces 4K x 2K Monitor with LED Backlight for Air Traffic Control and Geophysical Services DuraVision FDH3601 Download
July 1 EIZO Launches 8 Megapixel Diagnostic Color Monitor for Versatile Medical Imaging RadiForce RX840 Download
July 1 EIZO Introduces 27" Clinical Review Monitor with Environmentally-Friendly LED Backlight RadiForce MX270W Download
June 15 EIZO Makes Home Entertainment More Fun with FORIS FS2332 Full-HD Monitor FORIS FS2332 Download
May 25 EIZO Introduces Two 15" Industrial Monitors with LED Backlights and Four Cabinet Variations DuraVision FDX1501
DuraVision FDX1501T
May 24 EIZO Monitors Fnatic! Fnatic powered by the award-winning EIZO FORIS Monitors! - -
April 15 Statement from EIZO Regarding Radiation Levels and Product Safety - -
March 24 Earthquake and Tsunami Impact on EIZO Operations - -
March 24 EIZO Support for Disaster Relief Efforts in Japan - -
March 23 EIZO Unveils 5 Megapixel 3D Monitor for Digital Mammography RadiForce GS521-ST Download
March 14 On the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan - -
March 1 EIZO Announces 27" Self-Calibrating Monitor for Graphics ColorEdge CG275W Download
March 1 EIZO Releases 23-inch Multitouch Monitor for Clinical Review Use RadiForce MS231WT Download
January 14 EIZO Announces 27" Monitor with Wide Color Gamut for Graphics and Digital Photography FlexScan SX2762W Download
January 14 EIZO EasyPIX Color Matching Tool to Support Hardware Calibration EIZO EasyPIX Download




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 13 EIZO to Release World's First 23" Full HD Naked-Eye 3D Monitor (PDF) DuraVision FDF2301-3D Download
December 9 EIZO Launches “Upgrade to an EIZO” Photo Contest on Facebook (PDF) - -
November 18 EIZO Releases New Line of High-Bright Monitors for Air Traffic Control Towers (PDF) Raptor RP20
Raptor RP19
November 18 EIZO to Unveil 5MP Digital Mammography Monitor with a Long Service Life (HTML) RadiForce GX530 Download
November 8 New Large Monitor Manager from EIZO Simplifies the Workflow of Doctors (HTML) LMM0801-L Download
October 27 Finavia Selects EIZO FlexScan Monitors for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Area Control Center in Tampere (PDF) - -
October 27 EIZO Announces High-Performance PCI Express Graphics Board for Air Traffic Control (PDF) Raptor 5000 Download
October 27 EIZO and Ondal Announce Partnership for Customer-Oriented System Solutions in the Operating Room - Download
October 15 EIZO Enhances Its Medical Market Business by Expanding Its Line of Surgical Monitor Solutions (HTML) RadiForce E-Series Download
October 5 EIZO Releases 17" Multitouch Monitor for Educational, Business, and Medical Use (PDF) FlexScan T1751 Download
September 21 EIZO Introduces 19" High-Brightness LCD Monitor for Security and Surveillance (PDF) DuraVision FDS1901 Download
September 9 EIZO Releases 23" Full-HD Home Entertainment Monitor (PDF) FORIS FS2331 Download
September 9 EIZO Releases 23" Multitouch Monitor for Educational, Business, and Home Use (PDF) FlexScan T2351W Download
September 1 EIZO Unveils World's First Monitor to Simultaneously Display Color and Monochrome Images with Separate Gamma Curves (HTML) RadiForce RX430 Download
September 1 EIZO Adds Cost-Efficient 23" Widescreen Model to Clinical Review Monitor Series (HTML) RadiForce MS230W Download
August 10 EIZO Releases 19" Square Monitor for Corporate and Small Offices (PDF) FlexScan S1902 Download
July 9 EIZO Introduces 10 MP Widescreen Digital Mammography Monitor RadiForce GX1030 Download
June 29 EIZO Equips LFV En Route Centers in Stockholm and Malmö with New Monitors (PDF) - -
June 10 EIZO Introduces Two 12.1" Industrial Monitors with LED Backlights and Five Cabinet Variations (PDF) DuraVision FDX1201
DuraVision FDX1201T
May 10 EIZO Establishes Subsidiary to Manufacture Medical Monitors for the Chinese Market (PDF) - -
April 22 EIZO ColorEdge CG243W Wins TIPA 2010 Award for Best Photo Monitor (PDF) - -
April 22 EIZO Introduces Three FlexScan 19" and 17" Monitors with a Preset Mode That Simulates Printed Paper (PDF) FlexScan S1921-X
FlexScan S1721-X
FlexScan S1701-X
April 5 EIZO Introduces Graphics Industry's First Self-Calibrating Monitor (PDF) ColorEdge CG245W Download
March 9 EIZO Releases Three 10.4" DuraVision Monitors for the Industrial Market (PDF) DuraVision FDV1001
DuraVision FDV1001T
DuraVision FDV1002
February 18 EIZO Introduces Six DuraVision Monitors for the Industrial Market (PDF) DuraVision DV1908-001
DuraVision DV1508-001
DuraVision DV1208-001
February 18 EIZO Launches 17" LCD Monitor for Security and Surveillance (PDF) DuraVision FDS1701 Download
February 15 EIZO Introduces 30" and 22" ColorEdge Monitors for Professional Graphics Work (PDF) ColorEdge CG303W
ColorEdge CG223W
February 1 EIZO Introduces a 2K × 2K Capable 30-inch Monitor for Non-Critical ATC Environments (PDF) Raptor WS3001 -
January 27 EIZO Introduces Two 10.4" Monitors for the Industrial Market (PDF) DuraVision FDX1002
DuraVision FDX1001T




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 21 EIZO Introduces High-Resolution 22-inch LCD Monitor with Wide Color Gamut for Professional Design and Amateur Photography (PDF) FlexScan SX2262W Download
December 4 EIZO Releases 17-Inch Touch Screen Monitor for Factories, Clean Rooms, and Retail Environments (PDF) FlexScan T1721 Download
October 1 EIZO Unveils RadiForce MX-Series of Clinical Review Monitors and a Quality Control Tool with a Built-In Presence Sensor (PDF) FlexScan MX-Series Download
October 1 EIZO Introduces DisplayPort Equipped RadiForce RS210 for Medical Imaging (PDF) RadiForce RS210 Download
September 14 EIZO Introduces 2 MP Widescreen Monitor for Surgical Use (PDF) RadiForce LX470W Download
September 14 EIZO to Unveil 5MP High Brightness LCD Monitor for Digital Mammography at RSNA 2009 (PDF) RadiForce GS521 Download
September 14 EIZO to Unveil 2MP High Brightness Color LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging at RSNA 2009 (PDF) RadiForce RX220 Download
September 9 EIZO Releases Its Most Energy-Efficient Monitor to Date - the LED backlit FlexScan EV2313W (PDF) FlexScan EV2313W Download
September 3 EIZO Introduces DuraVision Series of Monitors for the Industrial Market (PDF) DuraVision FDX1001 Download
August 31 EIZO Announces DisplayPort Equipped ColorEdge CG243W for High-End Still and Moving Image Work (PDF) ColorEdge CG243W Download
August 31 EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX2462W Wide Gamut LCD Monitor with DisplayPort for Professional Design and Amateur Photography (PDF) FlexScan SX2462W Download
August 31 EIZO Unveils Three FlexScan LCD Monitors with DisplayPort for CAD, Financial Trading, Back Office, and Consumer Use (PDF) FlexScan S2433W
FlexScan S2243W
FlexScan S2233W
August 3 EIZO Expands Medical Imaging Solutions to Include Endoscopic Monitors with Release of RadiForce ES240W (PDF) RadiForce ES240W Download
July 2 EIZO Releases FlexScan EcoView Office Monitor with DisplayPort Connectivity and a Built-in Presence Sensor (PDF) FlexScan EV2333W Download
June 25 EIZO Expands Its Line of Home Entertainment Monitors Worldwide with Release of FORIS FX2431 (PDF) FORIS FX2431 Download
May 22 EIZO Monitors Fulfill "PreCert-Criteria" for FograCert Softproofing System (PDF) ColorEdge CG221
ColorEdge CG211
ColorEdge CG210-N
May 8 EIZO Announces FlexScan S2432W for Business, CAD, and Digital Photography (PDF) FlexScan S2432W -
April 23 EIZO Announces FlexScan EV2303W and EV2023W — Two of the World's First Monitors with TCO Displays 5.0 Certification (PDF) FlexScan EV2303W
FlexScan EV2023W
April 20 EIZO ColorEdge CG242W Wins TIPA 2009 Award for Best Photo Monitor (PDF) ColorEdge CG242W -
February 3 EIZO Unveils FlexScan S2242W and FlexScan S2232W LCD Monitors for Financial Trading and Corporate Offices (PDF) FlexScan S2242W
FlexScan S2232W




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
November 27 EIZO Introduces 8 Megapixel Monitor Solutions for Flexible Medical Imaging (PDF) RadiForce LX560W
RadiForce LS560W
November 25 EIZO to Acquire the Monitor Business from eg-electronic GmbH (PDF) - -
November 4 EIZO to Unveil 3MP Diagnostic Color LCD Monitor for Monochrome and Color Medical Imaging at RSNA 2008 (PDF) RadiForce RX320 Download
November 4 EIZO Releases 1MP High Contrast Color LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging (PDF) RadiForce RS110 Download
October 30 EIZO Group Company Tech Source Inc, Announces Raptor 4000-R and Raptor 4000e-R Graphics Boards for ATC and Defense Markets (PDF) Raptor 4000-R
Raptor 4000e-R
September 18 EIZO Introduces FlexScan S2202W and FlexScan S2402W LCD Monitors for Corporate and Home Offices (PDF) FlexScan S2402W
FlexScan S2202W
September 16 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge CG242W LCD Monitor for Still and Moving Image Work (PDF) ColorEdge CG242W -
September 16 EIZO Announces Color Matching Tool for Amateur Photographers (PDF) EIZO EasyPiX -
September 5 EIZO Introduces Industry's First Post-Production and Broadcasting Monitor for Both Reference and Editing (PDF) ColorEdge CG232W Download
September 4 EIZO Announces First Model in EcoView Series of LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan EV2411W -
September 4 EIZO Introduces “EIZO Eco Products 2009” Internal Environmental Label (PDF) - -
August 4 EIZO Group Company Tech Source, Inc. Releases Raptor 4000-LR and Raptor 4000e-LR Graphics Boards for ATC and Defense Markets (PDF) Raptor 4000-LR
Raptor 4000e-LR
June 9 EIZO Releases FlexScan HD2442W Full High Definition Monitor for Gaming, Film Viewing and Video Editing (PDF) FlexScan HD2242W -
April 24 EIZO Becomes First Monitor Manufacturer with Monitor Proofing Systems Certified by IDEAlliance (PDF) ColorEdge CG301W
ColorEdge CG241W
ColorEdge CG221
ColorEdge CG211
March 4 EIZO Introduces Its First Product for Air Traffic Control — Raptor SQ2801 2K × 2K LCD Monitor (PDF) Raptor SQ2801 Download
February 15 EIZO Announces RadiForce RX211 LCD Monitor for Color and Monochrome Imaging at ECR 2008 (PDF) RadiForce RX211 Download
January 24 EIZO to Introduce ColorEdge CG222W Widescreen Monitor with Hardware Calibration at PMA 08 (PDF) ColorEdge CG222W -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 13 EIZO Releases ColorNavigator 5 Calibration Software (PDF) ColorNavigator Version 5 -
November 30 EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W Wide Gamut LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan SX2761W
FlexScan SX2461W
November 16 Merge Healthcare, EIZO and Matrox Partner to Provide Advanced 10-Bit Digital Mammography Workstations (PDF) - -
November 15 EIZO Introduces New Color and Grayscale Displays for Wide Range of Modalities (PDF) SMDSCD19102 Download
November 12 EIZO Announces Two FlexScan Monitors in Standard and Widescreen Formats for Business and CAD Applications (PDF) FlexScan S2231W
FlexScan S1932
November 1 EIZO to Unveil FlexScan MX-Series of Clinical Review Monitors at RSNA 2007 (PDF) RadiForce MX-Series Download
November 1 EIZO Announces Industry's First 5MP LCD Monitor for Digital Mammography with 5-Year Warranty (PDF) RadiForce GS520 Download
November 1 EIZO Upgrades RadiCS Quality Control Software to Comply with ACR Practice Guideline (PDF) RadiCS Version 3 -
October 10 EIZO Releases Two Cost Performance 15" FlexScan Touch Panel LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan T1502
FlexScan T1501
September 18 EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX3031W 30" Widescreen LCD Monitor for Design and Engineering Professionals (PDF) FlexScan SX3031W -
September 18 EIZO to Unveil ColorEdge CG301W 30" Widescreen Monitor with Hardware Calibration at IGAS 2007 (PDF) ColorEdge CG301W -
September 12 EIZO Announces Three FlexScan Widescreen Monitors for Business Use (PDF) FlexScan S2401W
FlexScan S2201W
FlexScan S2001
June 26 Eizo Acquires Medical Monitor Business from Siemens A&D (PDF) - -
June 13 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge CG241W for High-End Still and Moving Image Work (PDF) ColorEdge CG241W -
June 4 EIZO Releases FlexScan HD2441W Full High Definition Monitor (PDF) FlexScan HD2441W -
May 23 EIZO Announces FlexScan Widescreen Monitors for Back Offices and Trading Rooms (PDF) FlexScan S2431W
FlexScan S2031W
May 2 EIZO ColorEdge CG211 Wins TIPA 2007 Award for Best Monitor (PDF) - -
March 28 EIZO Opens New R&D Center at Headquarters in Japan (PDF) - -
February 6 EIZO to Acquire Tech Source; Acquisition Enables EIZO to Enter Air Traffic Control Industry (PDF) - -
January 16 EIZO Releases FlexScan Widescreen Monitors with Proprietary Technology for Clearer and Sharper Moving Picture Playback (PDF) FlexScan S2411W
FlexScan S2111W




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
November 24 EIZO Adds Four Monochrome Monitors to RadiForce Series (PDF) RadiForce GX320
RadiForce GS320
RadiForce GX220
RadiForce GS220
November 24 EIZO Unveils 4 Megapixel Widescreen Color Monitor for Medical Imaging (PDF) RadiForce RS410 -
November 24 EIZO Adds 24.1" Widescreen Format Model to FlexScan-M Series of Clinical Review Monitors (PDF) FlexScan S2411W-M Download
November 24 EIZO Receives 2006 Frost & Sullivan Competitive Leadership Strategy Award (PDF) - -
October 20 EIZO Announces RadiForce RX210 LCD Monitor for Color and Monochrome Imaging at JFR 2006 (PDF) RadiForce RX210 Download
October 2 EIZO Releases Color Vision Deficiency Simulation Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L797-U -
September 12 EIZO Announces Technical Collaboration with Epson and X-Rite for Color Matching Solution between Monitor and Prints (PDF) ColorEdge CE -
September 11 EIZO Adds New Products to its ColorEdge Series of Color Calibration LCD Monitors 2006 (PDF) ColorEdge CG211
ColorEdge CG210-N
July 10 EIZO Introduces User-Configurable LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan S1931
FlexScan S1921
FlexScan S1731
FlexScan S1721
June 27 EIZO Introduces FlexScan S2000 LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan S2000 -
June 19 EIZO Announces New 5MP LCD Monitors for Precise Digital Mammography Imaging (PDF) RadiForce GS510 Download
April 19 EIZO Adds Four New Models to SlimEdge Series of LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan S1931
FlexScan S1921
FlexScan S1731
FlexScan S1721
March 27 EIZO to introduce ColorEdge CG221 LCD Monitor at IPEX 2006 (PDF) ColorEdge CG221 -
March 27 EIZO to Introduce ColorEdge CE Line at IPEX 2006 (PDF) ColorEdge CE240W
ColorEdge CE210W
March 22 EIZO Hopes for More Success with PrintCity at IPEX (PDF) - -
March 3 EIZO Announces a New 3MP LCD Monitor for a More Reliable Imaging Solution (PDF) RadiForce GS310 Download
February 24 EIZO to Introduce Ultra-Thin 19" Monitor with 7 mm Side Bezels at CeBIT 2006 (PDF) FlexScan S1961 -
January 16 EIZO Announces FlexScan M1950 LCD Monitor for Multimedia Applications (PDF) FlexScan M1950 -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 13 EIZO Introduces FlexScan M1900 LCD Monitor for Office Computing (PDF) FlexScan M1900 -
December 5 EIZO Announces FlexScan S2100 LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan S2100 Download
November 27 EIZO Unveils FlexScan M-Series for Medical Imaging (PDF) FlexScan M-Series Download
September 30 EIZO Introduces Cost Performance FlexScan P1700 17" LCD Monitor for Corporate and Consumer Markets (PDF) FlexScan P1700 -
September 9 EIZO Introduces FlexScan S2410W Widescreen Monitor at Print 05 & Converting 05 (PDF) FlexScan S2410W -
July 29 EIZO Expands LCD Offerings with FlexScan S2110W Widescreen Monitor (PDF) FlexScan S2110W -
June 30 EIZO Upgrades ColorNavigator Calibration Software to Version 4 (PDF) ColorNavigator Version 4 -
June 16 EIZO Introduces 17" FlexScan M1700 LCD Monitor for Office Use (PDF) FlexScan M1700 -
June 2 EIZO Releases 3 MP Monochrome LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging
RadiForce G33 comes with a Built-In Swing Sensor for precise remote calibration
RadiForce G33 Download
June 2 EIZO Releases 3MP Color LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging
RadiForce R31 produces optimum display of color and monochrome images
RadiForce R31 Download
May 20 EIZO Expands Touch Panel LCD Monitor Lineup with New 19" and 17" Models (PDF) FlexScan L760T-C
FlexScan L560T-C
April 6 EIZO Achieves ISO 13485 Certification (PDF) - -
March 10 EIZO Unveils ColorEdge CG210 LCD Monitor at CeBIT 2005 (PDF) ColorEdge CG210 -
February 23 EIZO Releases Cost Performance 17" LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L551 -
January 21 EIZO Introduces FlexScan L997 LCD Monitor with Wide Range of Image and Color Control Functions (PDF) FlexScan L997 -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 3 EIZO Broadens LCD Monitor Line with FlexScan L887 (PDF) FlexScan L887 -
November 28 EIZO Releases RadiNET Pro Network QC Management Software, the Future of Quality Control for Filmless Medical Imaging (PDF) RadiNET Pro Download
November 15 EIZO Releases Next Generation of MultiEdge Series with FlexScan L778 and L578 LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan L778
FlexScan L578
October 8 EIZO Targets Graphics Professionals with 19-Inch FlexScan L797 LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L797 -
September 30 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge CG220 LCD Monitor at Photokina 2004 (PDF) ColorEdge CG220 -
July 27 EIZO Unveils New eClient Windows-Based Terminals with Innovative Monitor-Attachable Design (PDF) eClient SC1
eClient SX1
July 20 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge CG19 LCD Monitor for Graphic Arts and Printing (PDF) ColorEdge CG19 -
July 12 EIZO Releases Network QC Management Software for the Medical Imaging Environment (PDF) RadiNET Download
April 30 EIZO to Exhibit Wide Color Gamut 22.2-inch LCD Monitor at drupa 2004 (PDF) ColorEdge CG221 -
April 30 EIZO Updates SlimEdge Series of LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan L788
FlexScan L768
FlexScan L568
April 30 Adjustable Mounting Arms Increase Positioning Possibilities of EIZO LCD Monitors and Contribute to More Ergonomic Workspace (PDF) LA-131-D
April 22 Latest LCD monitors on display at PrintCity after Eizo association (PDF) - -
March 5 EIZO Unveils Quality Control Software for RadiForce Monitors (PDF) RadiCS
March 5 EIZO Adds 2MP Monochrome and 1MP Color LCD Monitors to its RadiForce Series (PDF) RadiForce G22
RadiForce R12




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 12 EIZO Releases FlexScan L352T-C 15-inch Touch Panel LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L352T-C -
December 12 EIZO Introduces "EIZO Eco Products 2004" Internal Environmental Label (PDF) - -
December 12 EIZO Releases 17" LCD Monitor with Streamlined Design and Functions (PDF) FlexScan L550 -
November 5 EIZO Broadens LCD Monitor Lineup with 19-inch Model for the Financial Market (PDF) FlexScan L795 -
October 14 EIZO Introduces 2 MP Color LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging (PDF) RadiForce R22 -
October 9 EIZO Introduces 20.1" Cost Performance LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L885 -
September 29 EIZO Upgrades ColorNavigator Calibration Software to Version 2 (PDF) Color Navigator Version 2 -
September 12 EIZO Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance from US FDA for All RadiForce Series Monochrome Medical DisplaySystems (PDF) - -
August 1 EIZO Introduces Five Year Warranty for Select LCD Monitors (PDF) - -
August 1 EIZO Galleria Opens in Beijing (PDF) - -
July 30 EIZO Releases LCD Monitor Free Mount Options and Expanded Selection of Mounting Accessories (PDF) LA-130-D
July 16 EIZO Introduces 17" FlexScan L567 LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L567 -
July 10 EIZO Introduces RadiForce G51 and G31 LCD Monitors with 10-Bit Simultaneous Grayscale Display (PDF) RadiForce G51
RadiForce G31
May 28 EIZO Introduces FlexScan L362T Touch Panel Color LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L362T -
May 9 EIZO Releases eClient 630L-N and 630LT-GR-N (PDF) eClient 630L-N
eClient 630LT-GR-N
April 23 EIZO Releases 18.1" FlexScan L695 LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L695 -
March 12 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge Series of LCD Monitors for the Graphics Market at CeBIT 2003 (PDF) - -
March 7 EIZO Introduces FlexScan L767 and L557 LCD Monitors at ECR 2003 (PDF) FlexScan L767
FlexScan L557
March 7 Three EIZO LCD Monitors Among the First Products Awarded TCO'03 FPD Certification (PDF) - -
March 7 EIZO to Offer Matrox MED Series Graphics Boards with its RadiForce Medical Display Systems (PDF) - -
January 17 EIZO Supplements Medical Display Systems Lineup with All-Digital RadiForce G20 (PDF) RadiForce G20 -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 9 EIZO Introduces 21.3" FlexScan L985EX LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L985EX -
December 9 EIZO Introduces 15" FlexScan L367 LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L367 -
November 5 EIZO Extends RadiForce Series for a Full Lineup of 1MP, 2MP, and 3MP Monochrome and Color Medical Display Systems (PDF) - -
October 16 EIZO Introduces "EIZO Eco Products 2002" Internal Environmental Label (PDF) - -
October 15 EIZO Releases Comprehensive 21" CRT Monitor (PDF) FlexScan T966 -
October 1 EIZO Introduces New 50" FlexScan P5072 Plasma Display (PDF) FlexScan P5072 -
October 1 EIZO Announces RadiForce Series of Grayscale and Color Display Systems for Diagnostic Imaging Markets (PDF) RadiForce R11 -
September 20 EIZO Introduces Space Saving Stand for Dual Display Environments (PDF) LS-HM0-D -
August 9 EIZO Releases 3 Megapixel Color Flat Panel Display System (PDF) FA-2090 -
August 2 EIZO Introduces High Performance 19" CRT Monitor (PDF) FlexScan T766 -
July 9 FlexScan T566 Opens New World of Imaging Possibilities (PDF) FlexScan T566 -
June 24 EIZO Releases Limited Edition 5th Anniversary LCD Model (PDF) FlexScan PLACEO -
June 17 EIZO Completes MultiEdge Series with Introduction of FlexScan L665 (PDF) FlexScan L665 -
April 30 EIZO Unveils LCD Monitor for Graphic-Based Applications (PDF) FlexScan L685EX -
March 18 EIZO Releases Touchscreen Version of Latest LCD-WBT Product (PDF) eClient 630LT-GR -
February 22 FlexScan L565 from EIZO Raises Performance Standards for 17-inch LCD Monitors (PDF) FlexScan L565 -




Date Press Releases Product Names Press Images
December 6 EIZO Expands Lineup of Flat Panel Monitors with New 16-Inch Product (PDF) FlexScan L465 -
December 6 EIZO Introduces Latest Integrated LCD-WBT Product (PDF) - -
November 14 EIZO Releases Server-Based Client Management Software (PDF) Screen Administrator -
November 14 EIZO Outfits New 18.1" LCD Monitor with the Best in Space Savings, Performance, and Versatility (PDF) FlexScan L685 -
October 16 EIZO Receives 12 "Good Design" Awards from Japanese Government (PDF) - -
September 25 EIZO Bolsters CRT Line with High-Performance 21" Model (PDF) FlexScan T965 -
July 19 EIZO Unveils New High-End 19" CRT Monitor (PDF) FlexScan T765 -
July 5 EIZO Provides Perfect Blend of Form & Function with Latest 15" LCD Monitor (PDF) FlexScan L365 -
June 28 EIZO's Latest 17" Monitor Provides Application Customization with Upgraded Fine Contrast Function (PDF) FlexScan T565 -
April 20 FlexScan F931 Provides High-End Performance at an Affordable Price (PDF) FlexScan F931 -
April 13 FlexScan L461 Provides Viable Flat Panel Alternative with 16-inch Screen and SXGA Native Resolution (PDF) FlexScan L461 -
February 15 EIZO Expands Thin Client Lineup with Two New Fully Integrated LCD Monitor-WBT Products (PDF) eClient 531L
eClient 531LT-GR
January 31 EIZO Unveils Industry's First 18.1" LCD Monitor with Super Thin Bezel (PDF) FlexScan L675 -