Privacy Policy

EIZO Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting personal data and is therefore pursuing the following initiatives:

  1. To protect personal data properly, we have developed a "Compliance Program for Protecting Personal Data" (including this Privacy Policy and other rules) and keep our directors and employees informed about this program to ensure compliance.
  2. In accordance with the "Compliance Program for Protecting Personal Data," we have established a system for the proper management of personal data, based on how we actually conduct our activities. We conduct proper management of personal data and abide by the relevant laws and ordinances.
  3. When collecting personal data, we clearly disclose the purposes of collection, which shall be limited to justifiable and appropriate purposes including performing contractual duties owed to customers, developing improved products, enhancing the customer-support system, and providing the customer with useful information.
  4. We will not disclose or provide to any third party the personal data held by us, except in the following cases:
    1. Where the consent of the individual concerned has been obtained;
    2. Where disclosure to our affiliate company is deemed appropriate in order to provide services or information to customers or to respond to inquiries;
    3. Where, for the sake of smooth and efficient service performance or for a similar purpose, an operation is entrusted to an external contractor with whom we have concluded a nondisclosure agreement for personal data protection (in which case, the trustee shall be selected properly, from the standpoint of protection levels and other considerations);
    4. Where personal data has been processed into forms, such as statistical data, in which individuals cannot be identified when disclosure takes place;
    5. Where payment to be made by a customer for products or services requires relevant data to be disclosed to a financial institution; or
    6. Where laws and ordinances or other legally binding regulations or instructions require such data to be disclosed.
  5. To ensure the accuracy and security of personal data, we constantly strive to maintain personal data in an accurate and up-to-date manner. Having established our security system, we take appropriate and reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, as well as loss, destruction, falsification, leaks, etc., of personal data.
  6. To an extent that we deem reasonable, we shall respond promptly to any requests to disclose, revise, delete, or otherwise process the personal data held by us.
  7. We are not responsible for personal data protection at external Web sites (of businesses or individuals) having a link to our Web site. Please refer to the personal data protection policy (privacy policy) of the Web sites concerned.
  8. We shall continue to improve the "Compliance Program for Protecting Personal Data" by conducting appropriate reviews thereof as the need arises, and responding to changes in the social environment as well as in laws and ordinances.
  9. We abide by laws and ordinances related to personal data protection, as well as standards and guidelines set specially by administrative agencies and other competent authorities.
  10. We are making this policy accessible to the public, by posting it on our Web site and through other means, so that it may be viewed at any time.
  11. To respond to inquiries regarding the handling of personal data, we provide the following consultation service:

EIZO Corporation
General Affairs Department
TEL: +81-76- 275-4121

April 4, 2009
EIZO Corporation