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Raptor 4000/4000e
Graphics Board for ATC Monitors
These dual-head graphics boards support high-resolution digital and analog ATC monitors with resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 and 2560 x 1440.
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Multi-Resolution Support

The resolutions are software configurable, and both boards have two DVI-I outputs for simultaneous display on analog/digital monitors. With high resolution support, they can simultaneously drive one monitor with a resolution of 2048 x 2048, such as the Raptor SQ2804 LCD, as well as a second monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 such as the FlexScan EV2736W. The optional analog configuration can support the Sony DDM CRT monitor.

Long Product Life

While most vendors' products are only available for one or two years, EIZO guarantees availability for at least five years and support for at least ten years. For system integrators, OEMs, and ATC centers, this means significant savings on development costs by reducing the frequency of configuration re-testing that is necessary when replacing old cards with new ones.

Long-Term Customer Care

Just as important as the initial hardware investment is the promise and delivery of personalized attention in long-term, high quality, customer care. EIZO is unrivaled in after-sales support offering full customer care solutions in technical troubleshooting, general queries, software updates and service.

Wide-Ranging Driver Support

These graphics boards support drivers for Solaris, Linux and Tru64 UNIX. These drivers are developed in house and are easy to install.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Usage

With 256MB of on-board memory and an efficient memory manager, the boards offer excellent drawing performance with minimum host CPU usage. They support layering by using several methods including MOX (multiple overlay extension). They can also be configured in a 24-bit true color mode for high-resolution image viewing applications. Modes that support 8-bit and 24-bit simultaneous visuals or two 8-bit visuals are also available.

Backward Compatibility

The boards are backward compatible with their predecessors such as the Raptor 2100T and Raptor 2500T-DL, so customers can maintain the same functionality they are accustomed to while enjoying the new features of these boards.

Passive Heatsink Cooling System

Graphics board GPUs must be sufficiently cooled at all times not only to ensure optimum performance, but more importantly, to protect them from failure. While most boards rely on cooling fans that may wear out over time, these boards employ a passive heatsink. This increases reliability while eliminating downtime and expense required for fan inspections and maintenance.


Bus Interface 4000: PCI
4000e: PCI-Express x1
Compatible OS Sun Microsystems Solaris
Solaris x86
Linux Red Hat
Frame Buffer Memory 256MB
Output Terminal DVI-I x 2
Maximum Power Consumption 25 W or less
Slot(s) 1
Chassis Standard
Dimensions (W x H) 4000: 174.6 x 106.7 mm
4000e: 167.7 x 111 mm


ATC Display Solutions
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Raptor 4000, 4000e
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Document Language Size Download
Raptor Drivers for Solaris Installation and Reference Manual (English) English 310 KB Download
Raptor Drivers for Linux Installation and Reference Manual (English) English 446 KB Download
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